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Are You On the Computer Too Much?

There used to be a lot of reasons to go outside. When you could not send a text message to your buddy and did not want to risk your mom hopping on the other phone line and listening in to your calls, you had to walk all the way to your friend’s house and actually hang out in person. When you wanted to watch a baseball game in San Francisco and you lived in Colorado, you had to fly to San Francisco and buy a ticket to the game. That or you would at least have to get into the San Fran TV zone to watch the local feed. These days, you can get the San Francisco feed of a Giants game in Colorado or Maine and you could get the Colorado feed in San Francisco. It does not make much sense to me to even go to a football game anymore because the quality of the picture on TV and the angles you get are unmatched. There are fewer and fewer reasons to go out anymore, but here are a few why you should get off the computer and go outside.

You Need Exercise

You are probably going to understand this, but sitting on your butt and typing is not what the body was meant to do. Get up and go play. You can’t do that in front of a computer and you should get away from that screen. Keep your body in shape so you can stay alive to play on that computer.

The Strain on Your Eyes

Looking at screens for long stretches of time is not good for your vision. Do yourself a favor and take a break from screens to allow your eyes to recover. You can go back to ruining them later after you have done something screenless for a while.

Meet People

Have you ever tried to meet the people that you meet on apps in real life? The success rate for finding people that are actually worth hanging out with is fairly low. I was thinking about something right before I recently went on a date that I had met using an app. We had been talking a lot and I liked her sarcastic tone a lot. It was one of the things I found most attractive. On the day of the date, I watched something on TV that reminded me of her tone, but the voice was way different than what I imagined for her. Obviously, I had put my own preconceived bias in my head, so it was refreshing to realize that I should temper my expectations a little. With all of the time between texts and other things in dating app communication that make it a false environment, you do yourself a disservice to not meet people in public. When you meet someone in real life, you can get a much better feeling for their vibe and their energy, which are things that are hard to pick up online for certain.