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The Most Accurate People

Hitting the bullseye is hard, but hitting it consistently is even harder. Here are some of the most accurate people of all time.


There is a YouTube channel that gained immense popularity thanks to the incredible feats that they pull off every episode and that is something called Dude Perfect. The goal of the channel is creating the most cool and complicated trick shots that they can. These guys are some of the best trick shot artists in the world and make it look easy to shoot full court shots or make a basket from atop a building. They might seem like the kings of accuracy, which they are actually pretty good at, but they are able to improve the way that they look thanks to the wonders of cameras. I would say it is camera tricks, but there is really nothing tricky about what they do with the cameras. It is more of an editing trick. As in, when they miss a shot, they cut it out. They are able to beat accuracy by having more attempts and only showing the makes. That said, there are people that are not able to fake it and they are our athletes. Here are some of the most accurate athletes of all time.

Men Named Curry

The Curry family is famously the best three point shooting family of all time. The father, Dell Curry, was an NBA sharpshooter for the Charlotte Hornets and other teams. He is currently tied for 38th all time on the career three point percentage list. His two sons took his ability and jumped it to the next level. You can say what you will about eras and the volume of three point shots, but his sons are each about 3% better at threes, to the point that they are both top five all time in that category. Common wisdom would suggest that Steph Curry, the older and more famous of the two, would be the better shooter over his career. He holds the record for most threes in a season and is also third, fourth, sixth, ninth, and fifteenth on that list. That is half of the top ten three point shooting seasons. That said, he is only fifth in three point percentage. Little brother Seth Curry is third all time in three point percentage. Steph’s coach Steve Kerr is actually higher than both, holding the record for best career three point percentage. Added to Steph’s accuracy resume, he is one of the best professional athletes at golf of people that do not play golf professionally.

Drew Brees

The man that moved from the Chargers to the Saints and became the face of New Orleans sports is also the single most accurate quarterback in the NFL. Most guys can throw passes 30 yards into a bucket, but the guy I would put my money on in any accuracy competition is Drew Brees. He is not just the best single season passer in terms of accuracy. He is actually the best and the second best, but that is not what I am talking about. He is also the most accurate of all time. We are talking about the single greatest pass completion percentage. He is really good.