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Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age

The internet is a great thing. We use it for so many convenient things. I used to hate having to go all the way to a store to get things, but now I can order them with free shipping and they come the next day. The prices are even better than before. It is all so great. I also love the convenience of not having to log in every time that I want to order something. It only takes about 30 seconds to log in, but the hassle of remembering my password and typing it in every time is just too much of a pain. It is also a pain to change your password. It is hard enough to remember my passwords, but changing them just messes with my brain. Is this the new password? Was that the password two times ago? What is the new one? Staying logged in is the easiest way for me to forget my passwords forever.

Well, one of the biggest problems of not changing your passwords is that you have a lot of passwords out there. Chances are that you have a few email accounts, you probably have your Amazon, your Netflix, your Hulu, your news subscription, your Neopets account, your Twitter, your Facebook, your LinkedIn, your Instagram, that MySpace account you forgot you had, and so many more that you do not even think about any more. Let us say that a single one of those gets hacked. Your information then goes out and it probably means that your email and that password are out there. Hopefully, it is not the password to your email because then, you are really screwed. This is usually put out on the dark web or sold. You might think that it is fine because you change your password, but there are more scams that can come your way.

For example, one thing that has gotten people in the past is a simple email phishing scam that plays on your most embarrassing fears. Although you might not freely admit it in public, you probably have visited an adult site or two in your lifetime. It is the majority of internet traffic, so if you say that you never have, you are probably lying. But most people are ashamed to admit that they have. They also would be ashamed if their webcam turned on while they are on said sites. One scam that is done is that people will take the email and password from a hacked database and send an email claiming that they hacked your computer when you visited the adult site. They tell you your password, so you immediately think that they must have gotten into your computer. They demand money or else they will send the video to everyone in your email contacts. It is all very terrifying if you believe it, but you should not trust it. It is just a scam that shows just how important it is to stay ahead of the hackers by changing your passwords.