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Local Government

We are constantly looking for writers to talk about what is going on in their neck of the woods.

International Politics

Many people are interested in the goings on of the world, especially how the world interacts.

Multiple Languages

We are hosting blogs in over 15 languages to provide content for all.

People of the World

Reaching an audience beyond your bubble allows you to expand your views.

Writing About the Government

Everybody has an opinion about the government and now is maybe the single most intense time for people sharing what they think about the way that the world is run, whether it comes to your own country or somewhere you do not even live. There is a common problem when it comes to this kind of writing because it is highly divisive and can be easily corrupted. The idea of fake news is not something that is new and it does not come from sources like CNN, MSNBC, or others, instead coming from the uninformed opinions on the internet. As such, we are careful about our community guidelines to make sure that people are good to each other.